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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 16, 2010 12:35am-1:35am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] jimmy fallon happening right [ cheers and applause ] -- captions by vitac -- >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- -- captions by vitac -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ]
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. thank you for being here, appreciate it. thank you so much. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," you guys sound like a great crowd already. [ cheers and applause ] excited about tonight. i'm excited about this. hey, have you heard president obama's picture book for kids comes out tomorrow? [ laughter ] that's when you know things have changed, right, when bush writes a 500-page memoir and obama hands in a coloring book. [ laughter ] you're like what is going on? [ applause ] here's some big news, you guys, arizona just became the 15th state to approve medical marijuana. [ cheers and applause ] so, i give it three days before they stop caring about the whole immigration thing. [ laughter ] "you want to come over the border?
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did you bring chips and guac? cool, man, come on." [ laughter ] "you got to hear this bootleg from ' 76, it's so good." [ laughter ] "they do a 20-minute version, it's, like, unbelievable, man." [ laughter ] i don't know if you guys heard, but this weekend was the 20th annual senior citizen olympics in southern california. that's right, everybody's talking about the senior citizens olympics. pretty controversial, actually. the chinese gymnasts said they were 90, but turns out they were only 86. isn't that -- [ laughter ] right? very controversial. senior olympics, first place, you get gold. for second place, centrum silver. [ laughter ] and this isn't good. i heard 90% of the athletes tested positive for ensure. isn't that -- that is -- [ laughter ] when is it gonna end? is what i say. when can you just have a good, clean senior citizens olympics? [ laughter ] without all the scandal! "in the lead, he's gonna win! the time, it's 33.7."
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>> steve: "flush the boniva, flush the boniva, quick." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: nobody'll flush the boniva. nobody did that. >> steve: they probably did. >> jimmy: that's true. hey, get this, a city councilman in new york called the cops on two 13-year-old boys because they were selling cupcakes at a park without a license. [ audience aws ] yeah, the cops were like, "do you have a permit? no, not you, kids, you, sir, for being such a douche. do you have a permit?" [ laughter ] "i'll take a cupcake. thanks." [ applause ] "here's 5 bucks, you creep." hey this is pretty cool. nbc is creating a new reality dating show that is being described as cross between "survivor" and "the bachelor." [ light laughter ] yep. it's called "who wants to date charlie sheen." [ laughter ] and it's really interesting. it's gonna be so fun to watch. you never know. [ cheers and applause ] contestants wait in the closet. and then -- [ laughter ] if you can open the lock. i don't know.
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check this out, a man in new zealand was sentenced to four months in jail for posting a naked picture of his ex-girlfriend on facebook. yeah. [ laughter ] jail is kind of like facebook. you waste time, you write on your wall and then occasionally, you get poked by someone you hardly know. [ laughter ] kind of the same -- [ cheers and applause ] kind of the same deal. and finally, this is just weird, a supermarket customer in britain was overcharged $8 for fruit, because the cashier's breasts were sitting on the scale. [ laughter ] the guy was like, "look, i'll pay for the apple, but i'm not paying for the two melons." ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show! give it up for roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: we have a fantastic show tonight, you guys, but first, we've got a winner to our "late night" app contest. that's right. [ cheers and applause ] last week, we launched the "late night" iphone app and asked you guys to take a picture of yourself using it in your favorite place. we got so many amazing submissions. for example, here's a stay-at-home dad, right here, with his triplets, michael flavia. there he is, right there. [ audience aws ] yep, and they're all playing the game there. we have different -- i think we have -- that's ibanana. where you just, you peel a banana. and the babies love that. [ light laughter ] here's one from jake goforth, boaz, alabama, who says "there's nothing like taking a break from shooting monkeys and tigers with paintballs to check out the new "late night" app. [ laughter ] such a realistic picture, jake. thank you. [ laughter ] but in the end, we had to pick a winner. here it is, my man morgan simpson's "not bothered." look at him, he's up in the tree, doing the app. that's pretty rad. anyway, thanks to everyone for
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submitting. go to download the "late night" iphone app from the app store right now. it's free. [ cheers and applause ] and you're gonna love it. tonight on our show, from "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1," harry potter himself, daniel radcliffe will be right here! [ cheers and applause ] nice guy, too. a music industry legend and one of the coolest guys on the planet, quincy jones is joining us! [ cheers and applause ] and we've got music from nick cave's new band, grinderman! [ cheers and applause ] grinderman! this is gonna be great. but first, this is kind of a funny story, i was moving some stuff around my office the other day, i was making room for my new industrial-grade document shredder. [ laughter ] and i came across a box of old vhs tapes. they were made in the '80s by this production company called video vision. and there was one in particular i thought was really informative, especially with the
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holidays coming up. it's an instructional video about how to host a thanksgiving dinner. let's hope it still works. here, check it out, take a look. ♪ >> hi. i'm james fallon, host of "the late nights of jimmy fallon." and today, i'm here to talk to you about the exotic issue of hosting a thanksgiving dinner. the holidays -- [ laughter ] the holiday season can be a stressful time. [ laughter ] but with the right guidance, hosting thanksgiving -- ♪ >> welcome to "jimmy fallon's guide to thanksgiving dinner." >> thanksgiving is fun. and a satisfying dinner is the perfect way to celebrate the
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holiday. since the time of the pilgrims, thanksgiving dinner has traditionally featured food such as turkey, stuffening -- [ laughter ] vegetables, and other. [ laughter ] to stuff the turkey, stuff the stuffening ingredients into the turkey. ♪ [ laughter ] do not put bones into the turkey. you may also wish to served mashed potatoes. to mashed the potatoes, gently apply pressure to the potatoes. [ laughter ] ♪
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to cook your thanksgiving dinner, place the dinner item into a stove, then cook the items until the items are cooked. ooh la-la, dinner is served. [ whispers ] >> history corner. the pilgrims came to america because the europeans hated white people. [ laughter ] history corner. >> the holidays can be stressful and tempers between loved ones may sometimes flare. >> friday night videos, our special guest is john stamos.
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>> you sick son of a bitch! [ laughter ] >> fighting with loved ones during thanksgiving dinner. do not talk during thanksgiving dinner. [ laughter ] in some cases, your turkey may contain a wish bone. and remember, thanksgiving is about gratitude, not attitude. so don't forget to be thankful. ♪ [ dog barks ] >> thanks for watching. i hope that you've enjoyed this -- ♪ i hope you've enjoyed this brief instructional video about tv dinners. and from all of us here at "the late nights of jimmy fallon," happy thanksgiving. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so informative. stick around, everybody. we'll be right back with more "late night"! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ female announcer ] who who who - who's on your list?
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: sounds great, guys. thank you at home for watching our show. i appreciate it. welcome back to the show. now, as you know, i hate hyperbole. i think it is the absolute worst thing ever invented, so i'm being completely honest when i say that what you are about to see is without a question the greatest thing in the history of mankind. [ laughter ] that's right. it's time to play "name that guy!"
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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: let's give it up for tonight's lucky contestants! come on over. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "name that guy." the rules are simple. we'll show you a picture of a guy, and you'll have to correctly guess his first and last name. so, for example, here's an easy one -- i'll show you this picture, and you would say -- [ laughter ] right. "jerry grabowski." that's right. [ ding ] but like i said, that was an easy one. they'll be much tougher in the real game. [ laughter ] you guys ready to play? >> ready. >> jimmy: all right, here we go. let's get to round one! [ demolition sounds ]
12:53 am
[ inquisitive grunt ] we are on a tight budget, so we had to steal all of our graphics from old episodes of "home improvement." [ laughter ] contestant number one what is your name and where are you from? >> what's up. derek, from harlem. >> "what's up derek from harlem?" that's weird name. [ light laughter ] derek what's your last name? >> burrows. >> jimmy: burrows. derek burrows from harlem. all right. now look, you know how this works, okay? a series of guys will flash by on the sharp 108. whichever one it lands on, you have to guess his full name, so let's "name that guy." [ beeping ] [ beep ] [ boop ] got an easy one. shh. audience, no helping. [ light laughter ] what is your guess? >> um, i have no clue. >> jimmy: come on. [ light laughter ] >> if i take a guess, i would have to say tom cruise? [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so close. [ laughter ]
12:54 am
you have 20/20 vision, derek? doesn't matter. look, derek, we were looking for todd rogers. todd rogers. [ ding ] [ audience groans ] okay, that is the end of round one, which means it is time for a brief biography of todd rogers. todd rogers was born in lansing, michigan. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay, contestant number two, come on over. thank you, buddy. [ applause ] >> hey. >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> good. >> jimmy: thanks for playing. what is your name and where are you from? >> stephanie from queens. >> jimmy: very good, stephanie from queens. stephanie, who, in your, opinion was the first president of the united states? >> george washington? >> jimmy: that's your opinion. [ laughter ] all right, guys, let's "name that guy!" [ beeping ] [ beep ] [ boop ] [ siren ] you know what that sound means. you get a free hint. >> hint! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. here is your hint. his name is not
12:55 am
chester mcreynolds. [ laughter ] >> okay. can't pick that now. >> jimmy: yep. it's not. yep. [ sigh ] what are you thinking? >> jacob smith. >> jimmy: jacob smith? oh, sorry. [ buzzer ] [ audience aws ] we are looking for jay trundle. jay trundle. [ ding ] we would've taken "jacob trundle." so you were close. [ laughter ] your score is zero, which means it's time for "late night" cartoon break! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: classic dog. contestant three, please switch places with contestant number two. what is your name and where are you from? >> peter from towanda, pennsylvania. >> jimmy: peter, what is your last name? >> aquillio. >> jimmy: wow, peter aquillio. that's a great name. all right peter aquillio, it is time to "name that guy!"
12:56 am
[ beeping ] [ beep ] [ boop ] okay what's your answer, buddy? >> it's my grandpa. [ light laughter ] [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what is your grandfather's name? >> daniel. >> jimmy: yeah -- [ buzzer ] we're looking for first and last name. >> oh, sorry. >> jimmy: agnes crenshaw. [ audience aws ] oh, angus. i apologize, angus crenshaw. [ lightning ] agnes is his wife, and you know what that means. it's -- [ laughter ] - time for -- [ cheers and applause ] -- time for the lightning round. here's how this works, buddy. we're going to put 15 seconds on the clock, then we'll show you a bunch of guys one at a time, answer as quickly as possible. there is no penalty for a wrong answer. you get one guess per guy, so make 'em count. remember, for every right answer, you get $1,000 and a carton of grade-a penguin eggs. [ penguin screeches ] ready? 15 seconds on the clock. "name that guy!"
12:57 am
>> jacob webster. [ buzzer ] steve johns. [ buzzer ] mark anthony. [ buzzer ] obama. [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] >> god -- [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, that was not god. no, that last guy was not god. you missed all of them for a score of zero. we were looking for in order, jeffrey ponz, garet baldwin, pat jacks, fred "happy" benson, sandy krandall, and that last one you almost missed, would have been easy if you saw it, danny pumpkin. [ laughter ] danny -- danny pumpkin. well that is the end of the game. [ laughter ] it's tied for last place with zero points. and missed out on the grand prize of a flat-screen tv. but nobody goes home empty handed. higgins, what will they be taking home? >> steve: well, jimmy, they'll each be getting a t-shirt emblazoned with the name of the guy they failed to correctly
12:58 am
identify. [ laughter ] wear your shame in style! jimmy -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: pretty good. show the camera. yeah, thank you. [ laughter ] enjoy your prize. those t-shirts are great. that's all the time we have. i'll see you next time on "name that guy!" we will be right back with daniel radcliffe! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey, uh, marty? yeah. sorry. did you just text me that my house is an eyesore? it's okay. i switched to sprint's $69.99 plan. so i get unlimited text. [ vibrating ] this e-mail says it's ho-ho-rrendous. e-mail and web are unlimited, too. why won't you look me in the eye, marty? i just pulled up your holiday e-card. ooh, the sweaters. trouble hearing on the phone. visit
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yes! ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? eating right...whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. our first guest is a talented actor who plays the namesake character in the biggest movie franchise in the world. this friday, part 1 of the 7th and final installment, "harry potter and the deathly hallows," opens in theaters everywhere. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, daniel radcliffe! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:02 am
>> jimmy: welcome. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: i appreciate you coming. i know you are from london. >> yes, i am. >> jimmy: but do you live in the states now that you're the number one star in the whole world? >> no, no, no, i'm -- i still live in london. >> jimmy: split your time. >> yeah, well i will be living over here for a lot of the next year, because i'm doing a musical over here. >> jimmy: so you will be in new york city? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you were over in new york for a while. you did you a play over here? >> i did "equus" in new york in 2008, i think, and yeah, i'm returning next year. opening in march for anyone who cares. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what is the play you are doing? >> it is a musical called "how to succeed in business without really trying." >> jimmy: absolutely. >> i have said like three things and each one has got a round of applause so far. that's brilliant. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the first one you didn't get applause. >> oh, but i got a good laugh.
1:03 am
it was okay. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you just want an audible reaction? >> yeah, anything. >> jimmy: make some big sound effect. [ sound effect ] yeah. you'll hear a whistle and everything. [ laughter ] you have been in new york, so you enjoyed it the last time you were here? you want to come back? >> yeah. no, it's fantastic. i have -- always have an amazing time here. >> jimmy: i heard you got lost in central park at one time? >> i did. yeah, i got lost and i -- 'cause i went in one entrance and came out what i thought was the same entrance, but then -- >> jimmy: it was the zoo. >> yeah, i ended up two miles from where i needed to be. so i went -- i thought who is going to know where to get home. i don't want to just go up to anybody and just say, "tell me where i am." so i knocked on -- i tapped on the window of an ambulance that was parked. it wasn't busy, like they weren't doing other stuff. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you interrupted the saving of a human being's life! "hey, hey, hey, harry potter over here." whoa." "i don't give a crap if he is dying. [ laughter ] hey, how i do get home?" >> "he looks fine!" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "look, i saved his life. now, tell me how do i get --" >> but i said -- what was great
1:04 am
was i just knocked on the window and said, "how i do get to west 69th from here? and they said -- the guy said, "hey, you're the guy who's doing "equus." "yeah, i am." but like -- [ laughter ] why do you know -- >> jimmy: "i'm also harry potter. what's wrong with you?" >> it wasn't too much that. it was just the fact that everyone in the city is so aware of theatre. it's amazing. it's just so cool. >> jimmy: people love the theatre. it's a very -- we love it. we love broadway. we celebrate it. but "how to succeed in business without really trying," who is your co-star in that? >> john larroquette. he's going to be in it with me. >> jimmy: john larroquette is fantastic. >> yeah, i have not met him yet, so i'm kind of -- i'm sure he's fantastic. i believe you. but -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't know. he might be a real jerk. i don't know. [ laughter ] i mean, i don't know him either. >> i'm sure he's not. >> jimmy: he is a nice guy. [ talking over each other ] >> i've gotten quite a lot of, "oh, what do you got?" this? oh, put it in that safe." and he buys it. it's fantastic. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: here is the first season of "night court." you have to see -- [ cheers and applause ]
1:05 am
he's a genius. that's him. that's him right there. [ laughter ] >> awesome. now, that's marsha warfield. this is him right here. this is john larroquette. >> he's just fantastic. >> jimmy: he plays -- he plays dan fielding. >> oh, great. >> jimmy: he's kind of a promiscuous -- is he a lawyer? wasn't he, right? yeah, this is a great show. the judge is harry anderson. he's a great comedian. he's judge and a magician. [ light laughter ] and this was a big hit in america. >> that's fantastic. >> jimmy: that makes sense to you, right? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: like a judge who is a magician, not like "harry potter" magician. >> maybe that's like -- we could do a kind of film set much later where that's harry's future career. [ laughter ] [ talking over each other ] >> we have just been making prequels for "night court" for the last ten years. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. >> awesome. no, thank you very, very much. >> jimmy: harry potter meets bull shannon. [ laughter ] >> i don't get it, but i'm sure it was funny. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yes, thank you. as you watch that -- he plays
1:06 am
bull shannon. >> okay, cool. >> jimmy: but i thank you for giggling anyway. i just want an audible response from you. [ light laughter ] that is all i care about. >> but no, i'm quite touched, because i think apparently john is like about 6'5" and i'm not 6'5". so that's like -- [ laughter ] that's -- >> jimmy: is that your exact height? >> "not 6'5"." >> jimmy: on your license it says "not 6'5"." >> but not 2'6" either. >> jimmy: hey, there you go. >> so it's not all bad. >> jimmy: that was good. it was good luck. "harry potter," this is the last chapter of this series? >> yes it is. well, i mean, part two comes out next year, but -- let's not forget that. >> jimmy: but the first of this chapter. >> it is. yes, it's -- >> jimmy: i mean, you're done filming, right? >> yes. finished. finished five months ago or so. so it's -- >> jimmy: did you cry? >> i did on the day. yes, absolutely. >> jimmy: i would have cried. i'm gonna cry right now even. [ light laughter ] >> you are holding it -- >> jimmy: yeah, i'm holding it back. i'm taking acting lessons. no, seriously. yeah, it's sad. you grew up in that. >> we all grew up together. it's -- you know, ten years of our lives that we spent together. >> jimmy: god. >> so for it now to be over is very, very weird, and especially weird this week, because we are doing all the press for it and stuff, and everyone is kind of coming up and saying, "so, you must be really sad." and it's like, "well, i was fine." [ laughter ]
1:07 am
>> jimmy: "until you brought it up." >> "until you brought it up again." that was five months ago we were all crying and now you're kind of bringing it all up again. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you keep any keepsakes? did you -- >> no, i did. i got the -- the only thing i wanted. i didn't care about the wands or the brooms or any of that stuff. i wanted the glasses, and i've got two pairs. one from the first film, which are like that big now. then one from the second one, which is slightly larger. one from the second one? no, my head didn't grow that much between films. >> jimmy: your head has shrunk since the second movie. >> actually, yeah, it kind of has, 'cause my hair in that second film was kind of out there. >> jimmy: oh, my god. you were a cute though, gosh. little harry potter. [ laughter ] >> well, i hope. do you ever watch the old ones and go, "man, i was a pretty cute little kid?" >> no, i sometimes -- i sometimes see myself in interviews when i was like 10 or 11, and i go, "wow, i was like -- i did well then." i was much more kind of self-assured then than i am now, i think. it was -- so yeah. no, i do. i don't watch any of the films back. i've never seen any of them
1:08 am
since the release. >> jimmy: great. well, when we come back, we are going to watch the first "harry potter" with daniel radcliffe! [ cheers and applause ] come on back! you're gonna love it! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ fresh butter taste ♪ yes, that's here ♪ no hydrogenated oils ♪ so there's no trans fats here ♪ ♪ whoa... ♪ turn the tub around ♪ talking about nutrition [ female announcer ] "i can't believe it's not butter" has 70% less saturated fat than butter and no hydrogenated oils, so there's no trans fat. "i can't believe it's not butter," butter taste, better health. [ chuckles ] sure! great -- gimme your melt. myy--melt? [ male announcer ] get your own subway melt -- like the melt-tastic new chipotle chicken & cheese fresh-toasted on flatbread. subway. eat fresh.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:13 am
>> jimmy: welcome back. i'm here with daniel radcliffe. he does a great job in this -- the new "harry potter, deathly hallows." i just saw it. it's -- amazing effects, but on top of it, your acting is great. it's very dramatic for harry. >> it is. yeah. the big difference in this film is that we're not in hogwarts anymore. we are taken out of that, so the whole thing just -- because we are not in a school, it's a lot harder to see us as school kids. it sort of has a more adult feel to it -- the whole thing. >> jimmy: it's very -- almost like -- a lot of in the woods and running around and all that stuff like that. >> yes, lots of that. >> jimmy: the plot, if i can say, kind of, in one sentence, is that you're looking for the horcruxes. >> yes. >> jimmy: horcruxes. >> horcruxes. >> jimmy: yes, right. [ light laughter ] if you collect all seven of them -- >> yeah, i don't really collect. i just have like -- >> jimmy: it's pokemon. it's like pokemon. collect all seven pokemon -- and if you collect all the seven horcruxes, you get a free t-shirt. [ laughter ] no, you get a -- and then the wand as well. >> shall i do this? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
1:14 am
>> jimmy: yeah -- yeah. >> i really appreciate the effort. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, go ahead. >> basically collect -- [ laughter ] sorry -- i feel bad now. >> jimmy: no, don't feel bad. please -- >> if you collect -- collect? no. if you -- basically, harry, ron and hermione are trying to search and destroy these -- seven of these horcruxes, which contain pieces of voldemort's soul. if we find them and destroy them, then he can die. at the same time, he is searching for the three deathly hallows, which if you collect all three of them make you master of death and immortal. so it's basically a race between who gets them first. see, that was -- that was quicker than what you attempted. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yes, very much better. >> it's kind of my job to know. >> jimmy: yeah -- i do have to -- you've got other things to think about. i've basically had to memorize that for the last two weeks. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: no, i dream horcruxes. that is all i think about. in this -- there's this one scene in the movie -- everyone to get away from voldemort, everyone kind of trans -- they drink a potion.
1:15 am
they turn into you, but in real life it is you playing you? >> yeah. >> jimmy: a bunch of different people. should you do this as well? >> me playing other people. it is me playing other people disguised as me. yeah. >> jimmy: that is a mind bender. >> for an actor it is a massive ego trip. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: no, no, no. >> 'cause there's seven of you on camera at one time. >> jimmy: yeah, but it's like you doing ron and you're doing hermione. >> it was kind of great 'cause i got, you know, i got to impersonate rupert and emma as me, the other guys were quite hard, but my rupert and emma impressions have kind of been ready to go for ten years. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: were they there? were they there on set, saying, "don't you make me look ridiculous?" >> no, not at all. no, no, no, no. >> jimmy: they didn't show up? >> foolishly they left me. >> jimmy: oh my god! i would have been like, "i don't sound like that. my voice is much deeper." >> they -- they -- they went off. they did one rehearsal in the morning. i watched them. pretend to like really take notes of what they were doing, how they were doing a scene. they left, and i was like, "well, i'm going to do my own thing now." >> jimmy: that's great. have they seen it? >> yes, they have and they -- no complaints so far.
1:16 am
>> jimmy: they're not talking to you right now. we wanted to show a clip of "harry potter and the deathly hallows." right now, here is the great daniel radcliffe. everyone here is of age, potter. fair warning, tastes like gum and piss. >> have lots of experience with that, do you mad-eye? just trying to diffuse the tension. [ sounds of disgust ] [ in unison ] [ in unison ] >> wow, we're identical. [ cheers and applause ]
1:17 am
>> jimmy: there you go! daniel radcliffe -- "harry potter and the deathly hallows, part one." opens this friday. up next, quincy jones. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you are the type of person that squeezes every minute...
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>> jimmy: our next guest this evening is a pop culture icon. he has been nominated for 79 grammy awards, the most in history. he produced "off the wall" and "thriller" for michael jackson. he was the force behind "we are the world," one of the biggest selling singles of all time. here to discuss his new album called "soul bossa nostra," as well as a new book entitled "q on producing." please welcome, q himself, quincy jones! [ "sanford & son" theme ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. >> that's one of my favorite groups. >> jimmy: they are the greatest of all time. i got to say they played that song, that's the theme from "sanford & son," because a lot
1:23 am
of people don't know this, but you wrote that song. >> yeah, in 20 minutes. >> jimmy: in 20 minutes? did you really? [ cheers and applause ] i love it. >> and he came over and he said "i want you to come look at a pilot. 'cause we putting redd foxx" -- i said, "you're doing what?" putting redd foxx on national tv? i worked with redd foxx 30 years before. "i said you can't put redd on national tv, man, you got to be joking." >> jimmy: he's filthy. [ laughter ] i mean, that's probably one of the dirtiest albums i've heard in my life. >> didn't do a clean joke in his life, man. >> jimmy: he never did. no, i remember getting him. "i loved 'sanford & son.'" i put it on, i was like, i was like, "whoa!" >> unbelievable. >> jimmy: "this is not 'sanford & son,' at all. this is a different man." >> i said, "i don't need to see your pilot for that, man. i've been writing this music for him to come on in the back 30 years ago." >> jimmy: the entrance music, is that right? you have a very interesting story, because you were from, first of all, we love your
1:24 am
daughter, rashida jones, she comes on the show all the time. she is the cutest, most talented person, i love her so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm so proud of her. and "the social network," she closes the picture. >> jimmy: she has last line in the movie. she did great in "social network," i loved her. >> she doesn't play around. >> jimmy: yeah, we love her. >> and she's been like that from 7 years old. she asked me, "daddy, what kind of grades do i need to get into harvard?" i said, "what do you know about harvard?" you know? she finished harvard at 21, stand in line with 90,000 s.a.g. actresses? she said "absolutely." >> jimmy: wild, right? she's driven. [ applause ] she wants -- she gets what she wants. she's great in "parks and rec," as well. >> as straight as they come, there's no bs in her at all, man, none. >> jimmy: i love her. well, look at this record you got here. you got jamie foxx, you got ludacris, you got amy winehouse singing again, which is good that she's singing again. [ laughter ] i love her, she's got a great voice. >> i know snoop dogg, amy winehouse. >> jimmy: man, oh, man, you got some crazy stories. she does the version of "it's my party." ♪ it's my party
1:25 am
and i cry if i ♪ that was your song? >> i did the original with leslie, i found leslie when she was 16, '63. >> jimmy: is that right? >> we have 18 hits with her. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. i got to ask some questions about michael jackson. 'cause i just -- i've never gotten a chance to talk to you. i love michael jackson, we all love michael jackson, but i heard some -- this story, i don't know if this is true, but when you were recording "off the wall," you said to him, "i like it when you dance. more when you sing. so you should dance when you record this." >> yeah, we used to set up a little platform for him out and turn the lights down low, he would turn around and dance, everything else, 'cause he incorporated a dance right while he was singing and recording. >> jimmy: so, you can hear his clothes moving around in the vocals? >> yeah, and that's fine. whatever makes him feel good. >> jimmy: absolutely. >> and michael's a hard worker. and i met him on "the wiz" and he said, "i wish you could help me find a producer, we going to be on epic, i'm doing my solo record."
1:26 am
i said, "michael, i don't even want to hear about it, we got to prerecord all the songs, you don't even have a song in 'the wiz' yet." >> jimmy: really? >> he didn't. he was just singing "ease on down the road" with diana. and i said, "you don't have a song yet." and finally, we got charlie smalls to write "you can't win with the crows." and then we did all the prerecords. and then i started to watch him. he knew everybody's lines, all the steps, every word of dialogue, 'cause he used to do five hours every day, put the prosthetics on, makeup, you know? 'cause he pulled out a piece of paper, said "da da da da da da, "confucius," da da da da, "aristotle," and one day, he said they were down at a brooklyn hotel, sitting with the principals, he da da da da, "socraties." i said "who?" 'cause he kept saying "socraties, socraties, socraties." and then nobody corrected him, he would make a habit out of it, and i said, called him, and said, "michael, it's socrates." [ laughter ]
1:27 am
>> jimmy: he said it was socra-ties. >> he looked at me like a deer in the headlights. and he said "really?" and i had seen him, how observant he was and how perceptive he was and everything else. and i said, i would like to sign the first record and the record company says, "no way, quincy's too jazzy." and michael was crying and everything. i said, "michael, don't worry about it." >> jimmy: we'll figure it out. then "off the wall." >> and i love to be underestimated. >> jimmy: you like to be underestimated? >> jimmy: you can't get away with anything now, 'cause you are the one and only. here to is. thanks to a legend, quincy jones, pick up the cd and the book. [ cheers and applause ] just like the stories, he's a legend. grinderman performs next, everybody. come on back! ♪
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1:30 am
>> jimmy: we've got the most amazing show coming up tomorrow night, hold onto your hats, the entire show will be devoted to the one and only bruce springsteen. the boss is gonna be here tomorrow night. [ cheers and applause ]
1:31 am
gonna talk with us, perform for us, and all-around rock 'n' roll for us. it's gonna be awesome. really hope to see you back here tomorrow night. but first, our next guests just released their second album, "grinderman 2." they're here tonight with a song from it called "mickey mouse and the goodbye man." please welcome nick cave and his new band, grinderman! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i woke up this morning and i thought what am i doing here ♪ ♪ yeah, what am i doing here i woke up this morning and i thought what am i doing here ♪ ♪ yeah, what am i doing here well, my brother
1:32 am
he starts raging watch him rising ♪ ♪ see him howling and he sucked her and he sucked her and he sucked her dry ♪ ♪ and he sucked her and he sucked her and he sucked her dry ♪ ♪ up on the 29th floor up on the 29th floor ah-ooh ah-ooh ♪ ♪
1:33 am
♪ i was lying there with just my brother i could see someone rattling the locks ♪ ♪ i was lying there with just my brother i said hey man i think it might be the cops ♪ ♪ and we sucked her and we sucked her and we sucked her dry ♪ ♪ yeah we sucked her and we sucked her and we sucked her dry ♪ ♪ i was mickey mouse he was the big bad wolf ♪ ♪
1:34 am
♪ next thing you know i'm looking down below a lupine child with her hair on fire ♪ ♪ little burning girl looking up at me running to the elevator getting on the elevator ♪ ♪ sixth floor seventh floor eight floor, nine come on baby gonna blow your mind ♪ ♪ ah-ooh ah-ooh ♪ ♪ ♪ i woke up this morning he was gone there were posters in the airports ♪ ♪ and the stations we took shelter we took shelter under her body ♪


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